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On this page we exhibit diverse case histories across multiple media platforms to showcase the business, technical and creative work by Marc Cerutti

Clear Channel | Georgia Pacific | Texas Tourism Board


Clear Channel Radio

Clear Channel expressed a need for a variety of TV commercials for four of their radio stations across multiple genres. (Q101, KJ97, Mix 96, WOAI) – To formulate a general strategy that included creative style and demographic / market efficacy for each station Marc Cerutti developed promotions and cross-platform tie-ins for on-air, broadband and mobile monetization efforts.

Marc-Cerutti-ProducerMarc Cerutti created and wrote a series of concepts unique for each station based on music genres and station demographics. The scripts offer variables so Clear Channel internal systems can make minor changes to accommodate a number of cross-platform campaigns to optimize return.  Once each script was approved a budget was created, submitted and approved. Production and delivery schedules were created and Marc Cerutti cast appropriately for the spots. Subsequently, he produced, directed, edited and delivered all the commercials for on-air, broadband and mobile usage. One of the KJ97 spots promotes a give-away and we are able to get George Strait to agree to appear in the spot. This shoot enabled re-purposing by re-editing the footage for cross-platform rotation. Marc Cerutti also created and delivered web versions, behind-the-scenes videos and funny out-takes that were highly effective.



Marc Cerutti Producer Director Editor


Georgia Pacific

Construction Building Product Introduction at AIA Conference

Marc-Cerutti-Producer-DirectorGeorgia Pacific’s North Carolina based advertising agency (LKM) required a production partner in San Antonio to execute a guerilla-style city-wide local marketing blitz to “take over the city” during the 4-day AIA conference held at the convention center. The goal was to disseminate 4 different messages to make impressions on architects visiting the conference while driving them to Georgia Pacific’s booth with well-produced marketing videos they would enjoy. “Build Paperless” and “Water and Paper Don’t Mix” are the generic green-themed slogans we used to promote the new GP non-paper-faced fiberglass-mat wall panel (called DensArmor Plus) that replaces traditional drywall and eliminates fungus and mold growth.

Marc Cerutti designed creative concepts not originally contemplated by the ad agency or client. They wanted to project striking messages onto the river along the River Walk but the City of San Antonio would not grant permission. So Cerutti negotiated and contracted directly with 60% of the River Walk restaurant owners to have their entire staff on all shifts wear GP “Build Paperless” branded shirts and hats and use “Water and Paper Don’t Mix” drink coasters. The effect was a sea of GP blue all along the river walk during the convention.


Cerutti directly managed over 175 cast and crew members during the 4-day marketing blitz that included handing out over 8,000 “Build Paperless” caps, 20,000 free water bottles with “Water and Paper Don’t Mix” custom labels, video projection of “Build Paperless” video commercials on four different exterior walls of major downtown buildings during the evening hours, escorts with huge branded umbrellas to escort people to and from their hotels and the convention center when it rained, paper-toss competitions on the street corners with prizes and free water bottles and caps were handed out in front of the Alamo. Limo drivers with large “B. Paperless” signs met every single plane arriving in San Antonio the day before the convention. In addition to all this, Cerutti directed interviews and reactions at the booth with GP designers and high level architects, captured the entire city-wide effort with roving video crews, produced VNRs and edited a variety of web programs and corporate videos after the event.

Marc Cerutti Producer Director Editor


Texas Tourism Board

TravelTex – “It’s like a whole other country”.

Marc Cerutti Texas Producer Writer EditorMarc Cerutti created an interactive DVD for GSD&M Advertising in Austin. Worked with computer programmers and vendors to supply content for cross-platform programming. Traveled across Texas for over a month shooting agency identified tourist locations using paid talent. Supervised the shooting of 35mm plates for 360 degree QTVR use that integrated with interactive live video. Produced, directed and edited soft-sell commercials highlighting the various tourist locations. Worked with the programming company to integrate the QTVRs and videos with a database of hotels, resorts and restaurants. The DVD would later be replaced by the TravelTex web site. To this day, many of the commercials Cerutti made are still used on the web site.




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